Telling stories is how we keep the past alive.

Who was our longest serving headmaster? What was the preferred method of transportation in 1897? Where was the original Main House located? And why was an entire form once expelled? Explore the milestones, traditions, anecdotes, and influencers who have shaped our school over these last 125 years, told by the people who lived it.

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Pomfret Spirit


Ovaries Welcome

A Member of the Team

The Dinner Bell

Curriculum Committee

Keep Your Socks On

An Affirmation of Faith

Touch Typing

Drumming up a Winning Season

You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet

For Whom the (Chapel) Bell Tolls

A Heavy Performance

Borrowed Time

Memory Restored

Tip Your Waiter


Ahead of His Time


Welcoming Committee

Honey, I Shrunk the School

One Louse, Many Lice

In Vogue

Spirit of Pomfret


The Hot Tub

Girls Soccer Kickoff




Searching for Answers

The First Drug Bust

Banner Night

The Shaft

Cover Girl

Hunting for Antelope

A Letter Home

Artistic License

Green Light for Sports

Toll Call

Pass the Gravy

Wild Pitch

The Bull

Comfort and Strength

Cannon in D Major

Death of a Friend

Clutch Hitter

No Smoking

Getting Here

Early Dorm Life


Blaze and Glory

Say “Ah” Again

The End of the Beginning

The Talented Mr. Peck